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San Diego, CA


What we do

Desert Bus Line’s mission is to provide our passengers with safe, clean, high-quality, on-time service at a competitive price, by a company dedicated to service.

Now travel from coast to desert without worrying about traffic, without trying to figure out how much time you need, without the hassle of long alternative routes. We take care of all of it. You ride in comfort, and because you know you’ll be on time, you can relax during the trip.

Desert Bus Lines is committed to service. Our dedicated, passionate, local employees will treat you like family.

Airport Shuttle Phoenix to Yuma


Reschedule my Trip

  • Change Booking Date, Time, or Destination

  • Change Passenger Details

You can change your departure date, time, or destination.

Trips can be changed up to 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

$10.00 Fee applies per booking

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